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In this Adventures in Movies double shot, we look back at the best and worst films of 2021 and discuss new releases “See for Me” and “Belle”.

This week, it’s an Adventures in Movies doubleheader. In episode 153, we discuss our least favorite horror films of 2021, followed by episode 154 where we talk about 2021’s biggest indie horror hits with a very special guest. We also take a look at two new releases, See for Me and Belle.


In episode 153, we start off the new year we look back at some of our least favorite movies of 2021.

See for Me, 2021

And there were a lot of misses to choose from. A film that is all about shock and Jeffrey Epstein? Check. Cosplayers making sure the plans for Nikola Tesla’s secret weapon do not fall into the wrong hands? You got it. A reboot of a beloved horror favorite? That’s here, too.

From random nude scenes to major releases, we talk about the films that stood out to us for all the wrong reasons.

We also review the home invasion thriller See for Meone of the most contentious movies we’ve discussed in a while.

See for Me is a home invasion movie with a twist. Skylar is a young blind woman that will not endear her to everyone. In one of our most divisive conversations, we all give our differing opinions on Skylar. We go over the importance of tension in this genre and compare abrasive lead characters from home invasion movies.

For episode 154, Regina returns to the show to talk about her favorite movies from 2021.


Belle, 2021

Since Regina has seen almost all of the movies we have covered, she was able to slide right on it. Little did we know she would pick a movie that was on someone’s least favorite list in episode 153.

We also talk about the anime Belle. The film was a huge hit on the festival circuit and in its native Japan. But the real question is, did WE like it?

Inspired by Beauty and the Beast, Belle is the story of a shy high schooler named Suzu. When she enters the virtual world U, she becomes a talented idol known as Belle. We compare the anime to the source material, ruminate about love, and question the film’s dark twist.

You can rent See for Me now on most VOD platforms. Belle is in theaters now. 


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