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Filmmaker Cate Jones discusses her new film “Chicken House” with the Adventures in Movies crew; plus, we dive into Cate’s pick, “Vox Luxe”.

Chicken House

Join us for a very special episode of Adventures in Movies where we interview rising filmmaker Cate Jones about her new film Chicken House, which is currently wowing festival audiences. Cate also picks our featured film review, Vox Luxe.


This week, filmmaker Cate Jones joins the show to discuss her latest film. Chicken House has been playing the festival circuit this year and has been seen at genre fests such as the Chattanooga Film Festival. Most recently, it’s screening at The Shawna Shea Memorial Film Festival, The Arizona Underground Film Festival, and the Philadelphia Unnamed Film Festival.

The film is about four aspiring actresses who live in a house together. When one of them moves out of their home, the other three have to bring in a new roommate. The new addition to their household turns things upside down as tensions rise and some unexpected visitors appear.

Chicken House touches on several themes, including friendship, sexuality, identity, and the idea of close-mindedness versus being open-minded.

Cate goes into the process of writing the film and how she brought her cast together. There is also a discussion about some of the ideas explored in the film.

Vox Luxe

When we asked if Cate would join our humble little podcast, we also asked if there was a movie she wanted to talk about. She chose an interesting one in 2018’s Vox Lux.

Blake had to overcome his natural dislike of Natalie Portman to discuss a movie that brings a lot of ideas to the table.

We talk about the nature of celebrity and tragedy, Portman’s performances, and an ending that some may find self-indulgent. We also talk about the strong acting in the movie and how it is impossible to make Jude Law not look handsome.

How did this all lead to a talk about Annihilation? Tune in to find out!


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