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We interview an icon, discuss the upcoming “King Knight”, review the recent release “Rising Wolf”, and kick off Fantasy Horror Month.


Barbara Crampton is one of the most iconic names in horror. Her latest movie King Knight is a little different. Making its world premiere at the Fantasia Film Festival, the outrageous comedy sees Crampton in a different type of role. The legendary actress drops in to talk about her new movie, the acceptance of horror, and her future. August is also Fantasy Horror Month, and we kick things off with a strange and wonderful sequel.


A few weeks back we talked about Blood Red Sky. We agreed that it had great-looking vampires and was a fun movie. With news of the movie setting records on Netflix, we talk about what it means for similar horror stories. One of the things we liked about the movie was the setting. Will there be more scary films set in cramped spaces?

Rising Wolf is a science fiction hostage drama with a really neat premise. It also has a good look, some great stunt work, and a strong lead performance. So why didn’t we like it? We talk style over substance, torture in Young Adult stories, and what may be the worse shared universe ever.

The Fantasia Film Festival has long been known for its great library of genre films. One of the most anticipated is King Knight, a wild comedy about a high priest whose dark secret has been discovered.

Barbara Crampton talks about her role in the film and where horror is headed.

We close the show with our first movie for Fantasy Horror month.

Aside from rumors about munchkins committing suicide, The Wizard of Oz is a saccharine sweet movie. Its 1985 sequel is a whole other animal. Return to Oz is filled with dark and twisted visuals, a new cast of characters, a mangy mutt, and…no music?

Rising Wolf  is available to rent on VOD. Watch the trailer here. Return to Oz is available to stream on Disney Plus, or you can rent it on many VOD platforms. Watch the trailer here. King Knight made its World Premiere at the Fantasia Film Festival on August 8th, 2021, and you can watch the trailer here.


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