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We review two recent indie horror releases, the found footage social satire “Followers” and the J-horror remake of the cult hit “Cube”.

We have never denied our ability to peek into the future. A few weeks back, we talked about the lack of Star Wars movies. We really did not care, but it was surprising. And wouldn’t you know it, we got news of three new films. We also talk about another spinoff coming from a major horror franchise.

Like most horror fans, we love found footage movies in spite — or maybe because — of all of their faults. The first film we reviewed this week, Followers, gave us a chance to review a modern take on the genre. It also felt like an old-school haunted house story as well as a slasher from the 1980s. Then there’s that third act which feels disconnected from the rest of the film.

Cube is one of those movies that everyone seems to know, but it is rarely mentioned in genre discussions. In an era when only the most popular shows and movies are revisited, a Cube remake is shocking. Is the Japanese version of this cult classic an improvement, or is it just another sequel?

We talk about the themes it tries to tackle, the kills, and the twist ending.


Last week, we talked about Paint, an odd choice we know for us die-hard horror fans. It conjured up images of Bob Ross, but it told its own story. Color us delighted or dismayed? Tune in to find out!


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