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Call it an obsession, but we’re back talking about erotic thrillers with “Undying Love” and a retro look at “Dance With Death”.

Undying Love

As always, we begin the show with some horror headlines.

We love a good mystery. Hercule Poirot, ensemble casts, television shows, we enjoy them all. Though its target audience has always skewed older, we are huge fans of Murder, She Wrote. Recent news of a movie has us excited, and we talk about who would make a great Jessica Fletcher.

The 2019 Hellboy remake was a critical and commercial disaster. Still, few were surprised another reboot was in the works. The latest version seems to be taking a more streamlined approach, but will audiences care?

Then, it’s on to our featured presentation and new movie spotlight. 

Undying Love seemed like the perfect pick. It has a thumbnail reminiscent of something out of the 1990s, the plot follows a troubled youth being entangled with a beautiful vampire, and the word “erotic” constantly comes up in descriptions of the film. The fact that it came out in 2022 only made it that much more interesting.

We like to consider ourselves champions of indie film, so when this movie that was released in 2022 looked like something from a much earlier decade, it did not faze us.

As it turns out, Undying Love actually came out (originally) in 1991, though it looks like it was made in 1981. Even that would not be a problem. The acting, story, and characters, however…

For our second film, we reached back into the vault a bit. 

Dance With Death came out in 1992 and looks like it.

With a cast that includes Martin Mull and Lisa Kudrow in her first credited screen role, the film certainly has star power. The story may be bare bones (a reporter goes undercover as a topless dancer to catch a killer), but there is plenty of intrigue and great characters.

It certainly does not skimp on the nudity, but there is much more to the movie than a bunch of naked women.


Last week, we talked about We Kill for Love, one of the most interesting documentaries about cinema out there.


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