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This week, we spotlight indie horror with the new, coming-of-age movie “Honeycomb” and the 2018 oddity about a cursed film, “Antrum”.



We talk about the rise of Hulu as a major contender when it comes to genre programming, plus we review a couple of unusual indie horror films — starting with the recent release Honeycomb (which premiered earlier this year at Slamdance) and the 2018 hybrid mockumentary-feature film Antrum.


We begin the episode in a typical fashion by discussing current horror events. That leads to a discussion about Hulu and the banner year they’ve had so far with their genre offering. Fresh impressed many critics and audiences, while Prey breathed new life into the Predator franchise. We wonder, can the streaming network find the same success with Hellraiser?

We also talk about the iconic stature of Pinhead versus the franchise he stars in. And we try to think of the scariest moments in horror movie history.

Then it’s on to our featured new movie review. 

Honeycomb takes elements from many movies to tell its story of five girls who are about to become adults.

Coming of age and horror go together very well, and there’s a strong story that helps Honeycomb stand out. However, the DIY nature of the film will definitely make it a hard sell for mainstream audiences. Is this indie effort compelling enough to hook its desired niche audience?

We discuss the film’s tone and its reliance on being realistic, and we make some strange comparisons.



Finally, it’s time for our retro review, where we discuss a film you may have missed. 

Antrum: The Deadliest Film Ever Made is a fun idea. The horror mockumentary is about a cursed film that leads to misfortune for anyone who watches it. The premise is that only one print of the film exists, and the documentary filmmakers have it.

What happens when they watch the film? And is it something you dare watch?

Going the movie-within-a-movie route is always risky, and Antrum does so in the most straightforward way possible. Was it a good idea to combine a hybrid faux documentary and feature film? We also discuss the actual cursed film, which delivers creepy imagery, awesome music, and atmospheric folk horror tropes. So why include the gimmicky wraparound?

Currently, you can watch Antrum streaming on VUDU Free, Tubi TV, Redbox, Darkmatter TV, Freevee Amazon Channel for free with ads. 


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