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Scream Park and Spooktacular

We celebrate the world of haunted attractions with a retro review of “Scream Park” and a look at the new documentary “Spooktacular!”

Scream Park

As always, we begin the show with some horror headlines.

Akela Cooper has become a low-key regular on our humble little podcast. We raved about M3gan earlier this year and covered Hell Fest previously. We talk about her latest project, which covers one of horror’s most popular tropes.

Earlier this year, we were shocked to hear that Glen Danzig would be making an appearance at the Cannes Film Festival. He recently showed up at Fantastic Fest and made waves at a screening of V/H/S/85.

Then, it’s on to our featured presentation and new movie spotlight. 

Nothing says Halloween like a good old-fashioned haunted amusement park. (Not an amusement park that is literally haunted, but one that is horror-themed, though the former is also really cool.) Scream Park from 2013 is a goofy idea that has promise for a fun horror movie. A scary park is having financial woes, so the owner decides to stage a series of murders to drum up interest.

It may not be the best way to get people to pay for your rides, but it works for an indie horror movie. And it was clearly made with love as it has horror vibes from the 1970s and 80s.

But there are a lot of issues. From bad pacing to its poor treatment of its female characters – including a kill that is funny and gross for all the wrong reasons — the film will constantly frustrate audiences.

For our second film, we talk about a new documentary about a famous spooky attraction. 


Spooktacular! will also bother those who watch but in a different way.

Again, it is a great idea; the documentary looks at the rise, fall, and lasting impact of Spooky World, the first haunted amusement park. There is lots of great archival footage, and the whole thing is filled with a sense of nostalgia.

But it also comes with a lot of filler. Constant clips of Vincent Price movies and incomplete tangents take away from the overall feeling.  There is a lot to like here, but was it enough?


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