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January used to be a dumping ground for horrible horror, but 2023 is coming in hot right out of the gate with the surprising “M3gan”.


M3gan is our first special edition of the year. The next step in the creepy doll sub-genre, the movie is about a young girl named Cady who gets an artificially intelligent doll as a gift. The two develop a bond, with Cady coping with grief and M3gan learning about the world and doing everything to protect her new friend.


Our first Special Edition of 2023 is sandwiched between our two recaps of last year. It makes perfect sense, as we have been anticipating this movie for months. The first trailer was over the top, and each one got sillier. By the time M3gan came around, we knew it would be one of the worst movies we saw this year — or one of the best.

On the surface, the first big horror release of this year is not telling a new story. It is another addition to the creepy doll subgenre that has been around for decades. But M3gan has felt a little different from the beginning.

It is clearly aimed at the younger generation and seems to have gone all in on style over substance. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it can negatively impact an otherwise good film.

As it turns out, there is much more to M3gan than the trailers let on.


There is a deep story here with some serious themes. We discuss how well it tackled its subject matter and whether audiences will be disappointed. We also discuss the target audience and who will get the most out of it.

As straightforward as streaming has made our lives, there is nothing like a great movie theater experience. We talked about the one we had when we watched M3gan and why it made the movie that much better. From the snappy one-liners of the eponymous doll to some surprising moments, the right crowd can enhance the experience.

What is the future of M3gan? Based on the reaction, there is definitely going to be a sequel, but how will people respond? Was this just a one-and-done phenomenon, or is M3gan the first horror icon for this generation? Is there room for more stories, or did they do all they can in their first movie?


2023 is shaping up to be another incredible year in horror, and 2022 was definitely no slouch when it came to delivering for genre fans. But it was far from perfect. Thus, on our last episode, we discussed some of 2022’s biggest disappointments. Hey… you can’t win ’em all!


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