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Truth is more horrific than fiction in this week’s true crime spotlight featuring “The Man in the White Van” and “Last Stop Larrimah”.

The Man in the White Van

We begin, as always, by delving into the latest horror headlines.

To call Piper Laurie an underrated genre icon would not be entirely correct. She was an award-winning actress who grabbed the spotlight in pretty much everything she was in. It is not until looking at her entire career that her contributions can be truly appreciated.

We also revisit the idea of a Halloween television show and talk about the future of the V/H/S franchise.

Then, it’s on to our featured film reviews. 

True crime stories have real-life horror naturally built into them. The Man in the White Van decides to lean into horror tropes and gives an almost slasher feel.

It is a good idea in theory, but the execution makes for one of the worst things we have seen this year. From confusing editing to an ending that fails to work on any level, we go over everything it did wrong while trying to find something good about it.

At the other end of the spectrum is Last Stop Larrimah.

For obvious reasons, there are not a lot of lighthearted true crime documentaries.

This HBO documentary looks at the mysterious disappearance of a man living in the Australian outback. He lives in a small town of eleven people, and everyone is a suspect.

The film is able to mix humorous moments into its dark story without ever taking away from the gravity of the case. It is a bit of fresh storytelling that injects life into the genre. The already interesting case is made even more engaging thanks to the way in which everything unfolds.

It is easily one of the best things we have seen this year.


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