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We delve into our Pride Month pick “Spiral” (no, not that “Spiral”), and feature the ultra-sexy “Follow Her” in our new movie spotlight.



You know that there is not much going on in the indie and genre world when the possible KISS biopic starts off the show. That being said, it is a fun discussion that includes street festivals, the mystique behind KISS, and what it is like to see the most mountains you have ever seen in your life.

We begin with a special Pride Month review. 

What does Chris Rock have to do with queer horror? Not much. Then why are we covering Spiral? Believe it or not, there were actually two horror movies with the name released within a few months of each other.

We cover the Shudder original about a same-sex couple that moves to a small town to raise their teenage daughter. They soon learn their neighbors harbor a dark secret.

On the surface, the movie does a lot right. It presents a gay couple as nothing out of the ordinary yet still makes the pairing a focal point of the plot. One of us had an epiphany watching Spiral, while the other was unimpressed. And both of us agreed that for all the good it does, the film has a lot of flaws.

Follow Her

Follow Her

Then it’s on to our featured new movie review.

We have covered some sexy movies on our humble little podcast. We even dedicated a whole month to erotic thrillers. But few movies have been as sexy as Follow Her. We even wonder if we have ever covered a movie that is filled with this much lust.

The story focuses on a social media influencer who accepts a job to complete an erotic novel. It soon becomes a game of cat and mouse that is titillating, suspenseful, and a whole lot of fun.


Last week, we talked about Argentina’s erotic horror film, The Attachment Diaries. Taking place in the 1970s, the stylish noir follows a woman who attempts to have a procedure done. Instead, the doctor offers to sell the unborn baby, leading to a strange bond.


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