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There are more than 30 Amityville films. So how does Tubi’s new adaptation of “The Amityville Curse” fare? Surprisingly well!

Amityville Curse

The name Amityville conjures up images of a haunted house with sinister windows that witnessed a horrific family massacre and a series of paranormal events.

The first film, based on a supposedly true story, was released in 1979 and spawned a franchise of sequels and remakes that explored the dark history and mystery of the infamous Long Island Dutch Colonial. However, most of these films failed to live up to the original’s reputation and quality.

The Amityville Curse, a Tubi Original and a remake of a 1990 film, which was based on a novel by paranormal investigator Hans Holzer, both of the same name, is an exception.

It is a surprisingly entertaining and original horror film that delivers on scares, gore, and twists.

The film follows three couples (Jenny Raven, Dillon Casey, Vanessa Smythe, Mercedes Morris, Tommie-Amber Pirie, and Michael Xavier) who buy the haunted house and plan to renovate it. The viewer is slowly eased into the story. We’re introduced to the characters who have a long and somewhat complicated history that unravels gradually to reveal a love triangle. At first, the film follows the typical haunted house formula with jump scares, mirrors falling off walls, and flickering lights. Then, the deaths start to happen.

One by one, each character dies in a tragic and gruesome way.

The Amityville Curse is blunt and doesn’t shy away from showing violence and bloodshed in graphic detail.

The cast has chemistry and performs well together.

To be fair, however, the writing could be better at some points. The characters’ reactions to the extreme events — tragic, sudden, inexplicable deaths of very close friends in an allegedly haunted house — don’t seem realistic. When one character dies, it seems the story just moves along as if nothing happened.

However, the story does redeem itself by introducing original concepts and twists.

Just when I started to think that the story was going to play out according to the traditional haunted house formula, it moved in a different direction. For example, one of the groups invites a priest to bless the house, which is true to the haunted house movie formula. However, this doesn’t work out as planned. Eventually, another group member decides to consult a parapsychologist instead, who seeks to examine paranormal activity through a scientific lens.

Will he be the hero instead of the holy water and crucifix-wielding priest?

More twists and turns were thrown my way as the story progressed, and I found that I couldn’t guess how it would end. So many questions entered my mind. Is the house haunted? Is one member of the group creating a hoax? 

For its originality and unpredictability, I recommend The Amityville Curse for horror fans who are looking for a fresh take on a classic franchise. It is available to watch for free on Tubi.

Overall Rating (Out of 5 Butterflies): 3.5

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