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If you like pedal-to-the-medal insanity, we’ve got you covered with the upcoming horror film”H4Z4RD” and the record-shattering “V/H/S/99”.


We’re back talking about a couple of gonzo midnighters: the full-throttle festival hit H4Z4RD and the recent record-shattering Shudder original V/H/S/99.


We start this week’s show with a talk about The Conjuring 4. At least, that was the plan. Instead, we try to remember which movies were a part of the Conjuring universe and which case was really the Warrens’ biggest. We also talk about the connection between a DCEU movie.

Our segment, Genre of the Future, returns.

We talk about some of the most exciting genre films of the year. We also review another exorcism movie, talk about dating apps, and discuss the latest release from Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson (Spring). Plus, we chat about Southern California and its place in genre cinema.

We have covered some interesting films from Europe on this show. The one thing they all seem to have in common is their unique take on European culture. There is a creativity to them that is daring, exciting, and fun to watch. They are something of a throwback to the American indie film scene of the 1990s.

H4Z4RD is a great example.


The premise sounds simple enough. Noah loves his girlfriend and daughter. He wants to make sure to take care of them while also doing a favor for his brother. Unsurprisingly, things do not go as planned. Noah’s day ends up involving drugs. wolves, and security guards who really like his car.

We talk about the movie’s pacing, music, and unique sense of humor.

We close the show with one of the biggest horror releases of the month. Shudder recently announced that V/H/S/99 set the record for the most-watched movie premiere. We helped them set that record, so we decided we had a right to say whatever we wanted about it.

We discuss surprise endings, discomfort, and new contenders for best horror directors.

H4Z4RD is currently on the festival circuit and will be released soon, and V/H/S/99 is available to stream now on Shudder. 


Last week, we were joined by a couple of our favorite fellow podcasters, Candace and Ariel of Not Your Final Girl. They help us dive into a couple of recently released French thrillers exploring the horrors of claustrophobia and cannibalism. It was an episode filled with love and hate, as both movies embody things that we each have strong feelings about. Tune in to find out if that is a good or a bad thing.

Watch a clip from the show on YouTube below.


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