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2022 was a killer year for horror, and 2023 may be even better. But before we get too far into ’23, let’s look back at the best of ’22.


There were plenty of great movies in 2022, and we talk about the ones that we liked the most. From biopics that make us feel better after a long day to art house horror movies that weirded us out, it is an eclectic list. Foreign films, movies under assumed names, and protagonists we thought said stupid things all made our list.


It has been a while coming, but we finally talked about the new trailer for Evil Dead RiseWe are all huge fans of the franchise and, unsurprisingly, very excited to see what direction it is going in. We talked about the creepy trailer and what we liked about it — plus what worried us.

There is some interesting genre fare coming at the end of January. This leads to conversations about UFO sightings we had as children and faith-based movies we were tricked into watching. We also talk about Nicholas Cage’s surprising history with the Left Behind franchise and the decision from Paramount+ to bring audiences a no longer Teen Wolf movie.

The first half of 2022 was a goldmine as it seemed like we were watching an indie or genre gem each week. Things seemed to slow down during the second half of the year, but it also included some of the best stuff we saw.

We do things a little differently this year and start off with some surprises before talking about the stuff we all knew we were going to say.

Our discussion includes a movie with an ending so distressing that two hosts refused to recognize the film as one of the best of the year because of it. Another film riled one of us due to its outspoken protagonist.

We also managed to include two (!) movies with ties to El Paso (our hometown), talk about career performances, and even get a little Weird.


We may be looking back at the best of 2022, but we already discussed what will surely be one of the biggest and best horror films of 2023, M3gan.


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