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For Hispanic Heritage Month, we review the supernatural spookfest from Argentina “The Funeral Home” and take a tense ride with “Surge”.


We conclude Hispanic Heritage Month with a look at The Funeral Home, a horror movie from Argentina. We also talk about one of the tensest movies of the year. Plus, where does The Lost Boys rate as one of the all-time great horror movies? We also debate the importance of Slumber Party Massacre, Verotika, and…Dire Straits?


We begin as always with a discussion of the latest and greatest horror news.

The Lost Boys is one of the most revered vampire films of all time. Capturing the zeitgeist of the time, the movie is the perfect mix of horror, comedy. and music. With news of a remake, we talk about The Lost Boys’ place in history and if we are excited to see the remake. We also talk about the upcoming Slumber Party Massacre remake, The original stood out amongst other 1980s slashers for its female director, lack of Final Girl, and its treatment of women. Can the new one live up to that legacy or will it be another tired retread?

Next, it’s time for our Movie Review Spotlight.

Surge is one of the tensest movies of the year. Filled with strong storytelling and great performances, the plot relies more on its characters and dialogue to tell a powerful story. We talk about the intensity of the performance, how it made us feel, and if we could relate to the protagonist. We also discuss why a movie that is this frenzied and chaotic may not be for everyone.

Finally, we move on to our Featured Presentation.

We conclude Hispanic Heritage Month with a trip to Argentina. The Funeral Home is a movie about a dysfunctional family that lives in their haunted funeral home.

Sound design is an important part of horror movies. But are there times when there can be too much of a good thing? Character development is not the most important part of horror, but what happens when you can’t stand anyone? Plus, we get long-drawn-out deaths and dying people with a lot to say.

Surge is currently available to rent on DIRECTV or Spectrum On Demand online. The Funeral Home is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video, Shudder, AMC Plus, or watch it free with ads on Tubi and VUDU Free.


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