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We get political this week on the show, discussing the patriarchy and a seriously hot button issue — but through a ridiculous lens.

The Ones You Didn’t Burn (2022)

Stephanie Malone, from the Cheer and Loathing podcast, returns to the show this week to talk about a pair of movies that deal with important social issues. Of course, this is not a show that ever deals with politics, so — perhaps predictably — the films do not do the best job handling sensitive issues. Yet, both of the movies left a lasting impression on us…except one of us was not so impressed.


We switch things up this week and do not open with a long talk about Tom Cruise. Instead, we discuss the Final Destination franchise. A new installment is coming to HBO Max and there is going to be a change to the classic formula. We talk about what the new wrinkle may be and our favorite death scenes.

Our first movie this week is The Ones You Didn’t Burn, an awkward movie about two siblings who return to their family’s farm and must face their pasts. The film obviously has serious issues it wants to tackle, but it never really brings it all together. At least, that is what one of us thought.

We talk about weird sexual tension and break down the film so much that one of us has a complete change of opinion.

The second movie comes with a couple of warnings.

First of all, it is a movie that is explicitly about abortion. It is not a side plot or something that is just mentioned in passing. It is the driving force behind the entire movie. If this is a topic that you are sensitive about, you might want to pass up on this review.

We also appreciate that abortion is a sensitive issue. We do not mean to demean, diminish, or mock anyone during our movie review. This review is not meant to offend and is strictly a discussion of a cheesy horror movie that deals with an important and topical issue in our country today.

The Suckling (also known as Sewage Baby) is a horror movie from 1990 that takes place in 1973. A woman visits a back alley abortion clinic. After the procedure is done, the fetus is flushed down the toilet, comes in contact with toxic waste, and lays waste to almost everyone in the building. How could we not review this?

There is so much to unpack here that it would probably take multiple episodes to adequately cover this unique creature feature. We try our best as we try to figure out what message the film is trying to get across — if it has any at all.

We also discuss the surprising great creature effects and the not-so-great acting.

Does The Suckling fall into “So Bad It’s Good” territory or is it just a complete misfire? Tune in to find out!

The Ones You Didn’t Burn just had its world premiere at the Chattanooga Film Festival. It’s currently touring the festival circuit, so keep an eye out for it. Watch The Suckling for free on Tubi. 


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