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We discuss a couple of standout documentaries from Slamdance and Sundance about a pro wrestling tour and The Church of Satan.

The Death Tour

We begin, as always, by discussing the latest and greatest horror news.

We began the year by talking about the movies we liked the least and most from 2023. Unsurprisingly, we had very little crossover with the Academy Awards. The Razzies did have some of our picks, but is that a good thing?

Oppenheimer was one of the biggest movies of the year. So why did it take so long to get a Japanese release date? The answer might surprise you. We also talked about the Chinese box office and how it can affect our show in the future.

Then, it’s on to our featured film reviews. 

The Death Tour is probably not about what you think.

Screening at the Slamdance Film Festival, the documentary is about a pro wrestling tour in the Northern Territories. When it comes to wrestling, it is fairly simple to deliver a compelling product. All it takes are engaging stories and a storyline.

This film definitely has interesting personalities. It has the normal tales of self-doubt and redemption found in these types of documentaries, but it also brings different stories and themes that would set it apart.

Regrettably, The Death Tour makes decisions that would make it difficult to watch, even for fans of the sport.

Realm of Satan

Realm of Satan is already getting a lot of flack following its explosive Sundance premiere.

Made in collaboration with members of the Church of Satan, the documentary is not an exploration of the inner workings of the organization. Instead, it is an experimental film that seems to be about people. It is certainly not for everyone.

Due to its structure, it managed to be both entertaining and plodding. The moments that were the stereotypical view of what a Satanist is impressed us the least, while the scenes that were more grounded were way more interesting.

Shocking and silly, Realm of Satan is one of the most unique looks at Satanism you will ever see.


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