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black lives matter

Here’s a reading list to get everyone started on how to be a better ally and support the Black community in their fight against oppression and police brutality (written collaboratively with Kirby Kellogg and Joy Robinson). 

Educating yourself is a powerful way to maximize your usefulness as an ally. If you aren’t sure how to best support the Black community in their fight against racism and injustice, you’re not alone. Fortunately, there are many great books, articles, and even Twitter threads to give you more insight into the Black experience.

As you begin the process of self education, be prepared to be humbled. Listen to the voices of others and lift them up in the process. We need empathy and compassion now more than ever from people who have privilege — and those in positions to help facilitate the change that the world desperately needs.

I urge everyone to support the Black voices that are taking to the time to educate others and write about these issues. I have linked to each respective writer’s social media, so please give them a follow and uplift their voices and their works.

I’m also including resources for children, because children need to be properly educated on race and racism as much as adults. If you are able, please consider purchasing titles from one of the Black owned bookstores from this list. While you’re reading, I encourage you to play this video in the background and allow all the ads to play. The owner of the video is donating all of the videos revenue to Black Lives Matter causes.

It’s your job to seek the boundless resources that exist and to take the time to read and learn about these important issues. But we hope this list makes it easier to figure out how to get started. 

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Books for Adults:

Books for Children:


Threads and Infographics on Allyship and Beyond:

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