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The Calling Hours Horror Podcast returns on October 31st at 8 PM EST on Morbidly Beautiful Radio

“And when they heard of the resurrection of the dead, some mocked; and others said, We will hear thee again of this matter…”

After an almost two-year hiatus, talented Morbidly Beautiful writer and Coffin Cuties Magazine contributor Michael “Dedman” Jones returns from the dead to resurrect the hugely popular The Calling Hours Horror Podcast, now on Morbidly Beautiful Radio!

The Calling Hours garnered a large fan following for its insightful and thought provoking interviews with actors, actresses, producers, directors, and FX artists, as well as in depth reviews of Blu-Rays and DVDs and the best in new and classic metal artists. Never one to shy away from controversial topics, no subject in the genre is off limits — and Dedman always asks the questions few others would dare.

We are honored and beyond excited to welcome this compelling, entertaining, incredibly insightful — and at times shocking — podcast to the site…and we’re thrilled to launch Morbidly Beautiful Radio with The Calling Hours Podcast as our flagship program.

I had the opportunity to preview the premiere episode of the new Calling Hours, and trust me when I say this is a riveting and thought provoking episode you won’t want to miss. Dedman interviews Morbidly Beautiful writer Argalin Darkscars.

The two prolific writers, rabid horror fans and serious cinephiles dive into the very current and very controversial topic of rape and extreme sexual violence in horror films, their effect on American and European cinema, and how a shift in social conscience could potentially change cinema as we know it.

Double Standards, Taboo Topics, and Extreme Horror

Morbidly Beautiful was founded with a strong commitment to women in horror, and this episode explores the treatment of women throughout the genre. It explores whether horror’s obsession with sexual violence taints the genre. Does it add fuel to a culture of misogyny and victimization of women? Or do these films merely hold a mirror up to reflect the very real horrors of modern society?

When it comes to rape/revenge films and extreme horror, how far is too far? Is there a limit? And, if so, is it ever ok to cross that line when a film has something meaningful to say about society? Is the perception of violence different when men are victimized, rather than women? How will current events and an increased awareness of Hollywood’s darker side affect horror and the portrayal of violence against women?

Controversial, boundary-pushing films discussed include A Serbian Film, I Spit on Your Grave, Calvaire, The Clockwork Orange, The Vomit Gore Trilogy, Man Bites Dog, Nekromantik, Salo (120 Days of Sodom), and New York Ripper. There’s also a discussion on the impact of influential women filmmakers in horror, like The Soska Sisters.

Must See Horror and Metal Mania


In addition, Dedman reviews Scream Factory’s Special Edition Blu-Ray Release of Jackals, as well as the Netflix exclusive The Babysitter. And, for all your metal fans, you’ll definitely want to tune in to check out killer music from Cradle of Filth, Vulvodynia and Cannibal Corpse in the Metal Massacre Spotlights.

Be sure to tune in for the premiere episode of the new and improved The Calling Hours Podcast on Halloween night, Tuesday, October 31 at 8 pm EST. And come back each week for the best in interviews, horror reviews and metal music. 

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  1. on October 29, 2017 at 10:28 pm
    Andrew Diey wrote:

    Dear Horror Blogger
    We worked the sound on a few horror trailers this year ..
    Dark Tower, IT, new BFI cut of Silence of the lambs.. + a few more 47 meters down etc
    and we wanted to make a horror sound pack for as we were very inspired. so we made one for free.
    This horror themed sound collection

    we don’t really have experience with distributing sounds to the general public.. as we have never sold them to the public..
    so we wanted to share these for free..
    we were hoping you would be able to share them on your amazing Facebook / blog .social pages.
    for the community.
    we made a small promo film to go with it ..
    hope it darkly resonates with you
    best wishes


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