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Cheer and Loathing are back, and boy, did we pick a doozy of an episode to follow our Season 4 premiere. Things are about to get weird…really, REALLY weird. Picking two experimental horror films to discuss — the surprise Shudder hit SKINAMARINK and the insane film fest darling RAZZENNEST — is a recipe for disaster. Loathing (aka Casey) was already angry at Cheer (Steph) for insisting that he sit through every minute of SKINAMARINK, no matter how much he felt he’d seen it all by the first ten minutes. To soften the blow, we brought on a special guest, Morbidly Beautiful contributor and avid film connoisseur Jamie Marino, to help referee this smackdown between a WTF film lover and a “Are you f*ck*ng kidding me?!” fighter. Is Jamie Team Cheer or Loathing? Tune in to find out!

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