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The infectious “Donna Tha Dead” podcast joins the Morbidly Beautiful Network to consume the brains — and hearts — of rabid horror hounds.

We have been huge fans of the Donna Tha Dead podcast for a while now and have rabidly followed Donna, the brilliant and engaging host of the show, as she charms, seduces, entertains, and oozes passion for the genre on social media. We are beyond thrilled that she agreed to bring her captivating show over to the Morbidly Beautiful Network.

Launched in August of 2021, the show found its origins when Donna made a guest appearance on the Sigmon Cinema Podcast talking about Top Five Final Girls. After that, Donna had been bitten by the bug! Infected by her love of sharing the films and shows of horror that she loves, she let the obsession take her over and transform her into a podcasting powerhouse.

Donna explains that she has loved horror ever since she was a preteen, after watching her favorite horror film on the big screen, John Carpenter’s The Thing. Besides her love for Kurt Russell and Keith David, that movie opened her up to the beauty and magic of practical effects. As for modern horror, her favorite is Jordan Peel’s Nope. She has a particular fondness for slashers, sci-fi horror, and body horror.

When we asked what made Donna want to be a part of our network, she said:

The site has been a favorite of mine for years. I love that it was created by women, which is amazing, and the podcasting network is getting bigger — so I am happy to be part of a growing network of outstanding and talented creators!


Donna Tha Dead

Donna Tha Dead is a podcast for lovers of horror, cult classics, and other genres of cinemas. Your host, Donna, is a confirmed ghost story and horror film addict.  To those that can hear Donna’s voice, she invites you to come hold her hand in the darkness and listen.

New episodes typically post every other week, and you can listen right here on or wherever you get your favorite podcasts.

You can connect with Donna on Instagram and Twitter @donna_tha_dead.


Donna Tha Dead

We asked Donna to share a couple of her favorite episodes to give new listeners a chance to get to know the show, and here’s what she suggested.
Who Can It Be Now? – In the debut episode of Donna Tha Dead Podcast, Donna explains the inspiration for the podcast and lets listeners get to know her, her history with horror and cinema, her passion for the horror community, and what listeners can expect from the show.
Black Girls – Donna celebrates Black History Month by celebrating some of her favorite Black female survivors in horror films. 
The Return of the Living Dead – Donna digs deep into one of her favorite horror comedy cult classics, The Return of the Living Dead, on July 3rd, the unofficial ROTLD Day. 

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