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Join us on the podcast for a festive but frightening reminder to keep the holiday spirit alive as we revisit 2015’s “Krampus”.


During the holiday season, many of us will find ourselves spending lots of time with family, and it may not always be entirely joyful or peaceful. In fact, I can think of many times I’ve wanted to pull my hair out when dealing with my family.

We can’t choose our family members, and they may not always be the easiest to get along with. But we’re stuck with the hand we’ve been dealt, and we need to find ways to make the most of it.

At the end of the day, family is one of the most important and meaningful gifts we could ever be given, and we need to make sure we don’t take that gift for granted.

Sadly, Christmas isn’t always the most wonderful time of year.

It’s not all peace, love, and good tidings. Sometimes, it can be incredibly stressful.

We may find ourselves sad or frustrated. We may not feel the Christmas spirit at all. And it can be easy to let those negative feelings consume us. We forget things like gratitude, hope, kindness, and compassion. We become bitter and jaded, and we let the monsters in.

Sure, those “monsters” aren’t the literal kind. We don’t find ourselves stalked by demonic entities hellbent on our destruction.

But Krampus does a brilliant job reminding us that our toxic thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors have real and meaningful consequences.

This holiday season, watch the definitive modern holiday horror film and get a much-needed reminder of why it’s important to keep hope and joy alive. 

– Drek, Host of Drekculas Underworld


DREKCULAS UNDERWORLD is a “storytime review” podcast where your host, Drekcula, takes you on a guided journey of a new horror film every week — from beginning to end. Virtually watch along with him as he narrates each film with plenty of wit, crude humor, and sarcasm.

Be sure to tune in every other weekend for new episodes of DREKCULAS UNDERWORLD on the Morbidly Beautiful Network. 

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