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Brace yourself; we’re about to journey into the depths of darkness, despair and madness with the unnerving ride that is “Antichrist”.


On this episode of The Final Girl on 6th Ave, host Carolyn Smith-Hilmmer takes a deep dive into the controversial, shocking, and polarizing arthouse horror film Antichrist. Written in 2006, while Lars von Trier had been hospitalized due to a significant depressive influence, this film was largely influenced by his own struggles with depression and anxiety. It’s an exceedingly uncomfortable and deeply personal film that is either a grotesque masterpiece or a failed experiment in an indulgent attempt to exercise dark demons — depending on who you ask and how you slice it. – Stephanie (Editor-in-Chief)


Lars von Trier plus Charlotte Gainsbourg plus Willem Dafoe – what could possibly go wrong (other than everything)? In this episode, I explore the controversial 2009 film Antichrist, which shocked the film community in unimagineable ways after its premiere at Cannes. A dark but apt journey into the lives of a married couple struggling after the loss of their son, Nic, and the first installment of the Depression Trilogy, Antichrist is not for the faint of heart.



Fox Symbolism:

Deer/Doe Symbolism:

Crow Symbolism:

Atypical or Prolonged Grief: 

The Three Beggars:



The Final Girl on 6th Ave is a weekly show where host, Carolyn Smith-Hillmer, dissects an arthouse/elevated horror film. Each episode includes a detailed play-by-play of the film itself and a subsequent deep dive into the thematic elements and symbolism. Because elevated horror is sometimes viewed within the horror community as pretentious, Carolyn makes sure to use her down-to-earth tone and unique perspective to make these films less intimidating for the casual horror viewer and less ostentatious for the genre lover.

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