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Your Favorite Horror Icons Will Soon be Getting the Funko POP Treatment…including Carrie White, Norman Bates, & Jack Torrance!

I am a proud collector of Funko’s Pop Vinyl line, as I’m sure a lot of you are too. The licenses they have acquired over the years have ranged from the obvious to the obscure. You name it and there is probably a Funko Pop or Dorbz with those characters.

As horror fans, we have seen some pretty awesome Pops from Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, Leatherface and even Billy The Puppet from Saw to name a few. The Universal Monsters are yet another license Funko has managed to snatch up and it only whet the appetites for horror fans. Funko is also known for releasing certain exclusives be it to Hot Topic, Gamestop, Barnes and Noble, etc. There’s also the elusive Limited Chase Edition Pops — a special variant of an existing figure which carries a hefty price tag in the secondary market.

Funko Pop

So what possibly could Funko have in store for us in the coming months, especially so close to San Diego Comic Con? Well, for horror fans, it has been revealed that a handful of new Pops are coming soon that are absolutely going to make you freak.

Let’s start with the 2nd Wave of STRANGER THINGS Pops. There will be an Eleven in a Hospital Gown coming, as well as Hooper and Nancy to name a few. If the first wave was any indication of how big this show is, Wave 2 will be just as big. No release date has been given yet, but expect them sometime around SDCC.

Stranger Things Pops

First wave of STRANGER THINGS Pops

THE MUMMY starring Tom Cruise is also getting a set of Pops featuring various characters from the movie. ALIEN:COVENANT is not only getting it’s own line, it will have 2 awesome exclusives with an Acid Blood Xenomorph Gamestop Exclusive and an Oram Facehugger Hot Topic Exclusive. Both sets should be released in early June, with THE MUMMY Pops already hitting some stores.

Alien Covenant
Now on to the true horror Pops. Let’s kick it off with the Pennywise Pop from the upcoming theatrical film IT. Look for Pennywise in late July/early August. Also releasing around that time will be The Dark Tower series in conjunction with the film’s release. There will be a Gunslinger Barnes and Noble Exclusive in the set.

Gunslinger Pop

The Stephen King trend doesn’t stop there as Carrie White from the film CARRIE is getting the Funko treatment.

I would 100% expect the Bloody Carrie variant along with this release. And that’s not all Jack, Wendy, and Danny Torrance from THE SHINING will be coming this year, as fans have been asking for these for a long time. Expect some exclusives with The Torrance family to truly satisfy fans.

Tiffany from BRIDE OF CHUCKY will be making her Funko Pop debut this year, so now your Chucky Pop will no longer be lonely.

Finally, a true horror icon will make a long overdue debut…Norman Bates from the iconic horror classic PSYCHO is coming this year! As with the Carrie White Pop, expect a variant with Mother to accompany her baby boy.

No release dates have been given for the above Pops, but rest assured your friends at Morbidly Beautiful have got you covered with details as they release.

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