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On this week’s episode, George and his special guest discuss the film that began the world’s love affair with — and relentless fear of — sharks: “Jaws”.

If you’re feeling some withdrawals from the end of SHARK WEEK, never fear. We’re here to pay tribute to the mother of all sharks and the stuff of oceanic nightmares — a film our guest is is no doubt not alone in calling the “Best Horror Movie Ever Made”.



Episode 52: “Jaws” with Tim Kalpakis (1 hour, 26 minutes)

This week on the Best Little Horror House in Philly, we keep the spirit of SHARK WEEK alive by diving into the essential horror classic Jaws, as chosen by our guest Tim Kalpakis (The Sloppy Boys, Birthday Boys, Comedy Bang! Bang!).

We start off discussing how Tim’s taste in comedy shaped his taste in horror, especially in the way he prefers a movie that knows how to joke around and not take itself too serious. His nostalgia is alive and well, too, and we talk about his fondness for diving into the classics of his youth.

When we start talking about Tim’s movie pick, we have to talk about the film’s infamously troubled shoot. This includes the series of fortunate coincidences that led to the movie getting made in the first place, as well as all the accidents and mishaps that somehow ended in movie magic. We also talk about the impact the movie had on society. Along with being the first blockbuster mega hit, Jaws did for fear of the water what Psycho did for fear of showering. Not only did these films terrify audiences at the time, but they continue to remain in the collective conscious and fears of society generations later.

Of course, that’s not where the film’s impact ends, and you’ll want to hear more to talk about the positive and negative after effects of this cultural and cinematic tsunami.

As we dig into the plot, the timely nature of it in comparison with the COVID-19 response is inescapable. But the story does much more than ring true today. Jaws also gave us one of the best character introductions of all time with Quint — subverting Joseph Campbell’s “hero’s journey” in a way that feels intellectually honest and refreshing. We also discuss the unforgettable USS Indianapolis monologue, Quint’s connection to Ahab and his self-destructive nature, and much more.

You won’t want to miss this episode, but you might want to miss the beach trip after!


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