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This week in the Horror House, George and his special guest discuss the acclaimed, British horror film about the dark side of belief, “The Wicker Man”.

Before there was the delightfully unhinged Nic Cage screaming, “Not the bees!” there was the masterpiece of folk horror starring the legendary Christopher Lee. Our guest is far from alone in calling 1973’s The Wicker Man the “Best Horror Movie Ever Made”.


Episode 64: “The Wicker Man” with TYTD Reviews

This week on the Best Little Horror House in Philly, we’re crossing the pond to talk with our first English guest: Dan from TYTD Reviews! We start off with the usual discussion of how he got into horror, which leads into a discussion of his growing up watching horror with his dad, as well as the harsh censorship of movies released in the U.K.

Dan uses this as a springboard to discuss his own show, TYTD reviews, and how they wade through all the cheesy and corny horror films to find the hidden gold.

We then board our seaplanes and set off for Summerisle to discuss his pick for the best horror movie ever made — “the Citizen Kane of horror” — The Wicker Man from 1973! There is plenty to discuss about the production of this movie, so we don’t waste any time. We chat about Christopher Lee’s desire to break away from Hammer horror, and how his passion for this weird movie would end up carrying the day for a project that faced several challenges from inside the studio making it.

Then we discuss the multitude of cuts of this movie, which is the best. We also talk about this film, which intended to show a realistic portrayal of modern Christianity butting up against and coming into conflict with a much older religion, managed to see the light of day after it was essentially buried. Iconic director and schlock producer Roger Corman plays a bigger role than you might suspect!

Next, we move into discussing the film itself, in all its musical glory. We talk about the beautiful scenery and how they had to fake it till they made it, the refined portrayal of paganism with dignity, and the incredible performances all around. Finally, we end as we always do, by discussing why this the “best horror movie ever made”. Don’t miss this incredible, super-sized episode!

Before diving into the episode, be sure to watch The Wicker Man (1973), available to stream now on The Criterion Channel or available for rent or purchase on most VOD platforms. 


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