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In the premiere 2016 episode of the Rocky Horror Spookshow, our hosts Miss J & Marty do a side-by-side comparison of one of the most iconic horror films of all time, The Wicker Man (1973), as well as one of the most infamous remakes. The original is famous for being one of Christopher Lee’s most memorable roles, as well as one of his personal favorites. The remake also happens to be one of Cage’s most memorable roles, but for very different reasons.

So how do these two very different films stack up against each other? The original The Wicker Man has been called one of “The 1001 Movies You MUST See Before You Die.” Does it deserve that legendary status? The 2006 film was a critical and commercial flop and is widely regarded as one of the worst remakes, although it has developed a cult following for its unintentional hilarity and Cage’s insane but highly entertaining performance. Is it really that bad or so bad it’s good?

Hear what Marty and Miss J have to say about all this and more in this episode. You may be surprised by their unique take on these two unforgettable films. We’re courting controversy in 2016!

Opening song credits: Hello (Adele Cover) – Lukas Rossi


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