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Aleksandra Svetlichnaya offers a tasty and satisfying follow-up to her debut horror comedy short, DINNER

Breakfast PosterWhen Oscar and Hamilton go out to find an exclusive edition of their favorite comic book, they stumble upon something unexpected that sets off a series of events that no one could have predicted…and all of this before breakfast!

BREAKFAST (aka DINNER 2), continues the universe that was created in DINNER and sees the return of the 3 characters Oscar, Hamilton, and Dylan. The fun and humor are kicked up a notch in this sequel and the characters are further fleshed out in what equals a wonderful follow up that left me asking one question: can we have a DINNER 3, please?!

Aleksandra Svetlichnaya demonstrates patience in her directing and allows humor to happen from the very funny script which she also wrote.


Svetlichnaya displays a playful sense of direction in a fun and slapstick filled montage that shows off her skill for capturing humor on camera and multiple impressively choreographed fight scenes that do the same for her ability to capture action.

Add on another up beat, kick ass soundtrack with a wonderful amped up 16-bit video game vibe — plus a great bickering brother-like chemistry between actors Joshua Kachnycz and Ricardo Segarra —and BREAKFAST is an unpredictable and inventive good time that is nothing short of a joy to watch.


I love where this universe is headed. There’s an obvious different style in presentation between BREAKFAST and DINNER. The playfulness and attention to detail on display shows Svetlichnaya as a talent in the midst of her creative exploration in filmmaking. And BREAKFAST being only her second stint as director, she makes it appear effortless and natural.

Svetlichnaya and the entire crew remind us just how magically fun film can be and for that, I applaud the entire production.

Check out this EXCLUSIVE CLIP of BREAKFAST, courtesy of Aleksandra Svetlichnaya. 

Watch DINNER free on YouTube (heads up, there is a great additional scene after the major credits roll). And, if and when you get the chance, definitely see BREAKFAST as well!

BREAKFAST – Official Trailer:

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