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The entertaining and award-winning horror short “The Fee” will cost you a few good dreams! Watch the “Blobfest Cut” here now.

Do you remember the Tooth Fairy? Did she “visit” you when you were a kid? Did you ever meet her? When I was a kid, the tooth fairy always “visited” me when I lost a tooth. While I never met her, I imagined she looked like most fairies I’d seen in books: small, sweet, dainty and most of all…HARMLESS.

In the short horror film The Fee, directed by William Martinko and starring Marusia Griffin Lynn and John Brocagh Lynn, a lucky little boy gets the rare chance to meet the Tooth Fairy — and she is ANYTHING but harmless (or any of the other adjectives above).

The Fee is an excellent three-minute short boasting some solid acting, a healthy dose of malice and a highly effective ending.

The cut I watched was screened at Blobfest, where it won Fan Favorite short. I can see why.

I’ve always enjoyed horror films that take gentle and magical childhood characters — like the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, or Santa Clause —and turn them into something scream worthy. There’s a palpable sense of justice when this happens.

When we grow older and learn the truth about these characters, we initially feel robbed. Then, as the years go by, we begin to notice things about these “gentle” and “harmless” childhood characters that aren’t so “gentle” and “harmless”. When these observations are given form, we feel vindicated.

I haven’t seen the director’s cut of The Fee, but I’m sure I’ll enjoy it. The “Blobfest Cut” of this short really cost me a few good dreams! Check it out below.

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