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A powerful and provocative new short from Deranged Minds Entertainment

I love horror shorts. It helps me fit my love of film into a very busy schedule, providing me access to a ton of great original content that I can watch in more manageable, bite-sized chunks. But more importantly, it exposes me to some of the best new genre talent, often cluing me in early to the future of the genre.

There’s something very special about watching a filmmaker’s very personal and unadulterated vision come to life. If you’re really lucky, you get more than just an entertaining short. You get a sneak peek at a filmmaker’s potential…a glimpse of what they may one day contribute to the genre. Sometimes, you get to witness the birth of greatness.

Such was the case with USED. 

USED is the new horror short from Tristan Clay and Destinie Orndoff of Deranged Minds Entertainment. It was written by Orndoff, who also stars in the film. Clay and Orndoff co-directed the film, with Clay also serving as Cinematographer and Editor (along with making an appearance in the film).

USED is a short (16-minute) but brutal film about a young girl’s violent encounter with a sexual predator. Orndoff plays a beautiful young woman who heads to a bar for an evening out. She meets a seemingly nice man with an obvious interest in her. But it’s clear she’s had a rough time in relationships. She tries to call it a night, but her suitor has other more nefarious plans. While she’s in the bathroom, the man slips some roofies in her beer. She passes out and wakes up in a seedy hotel room, where the man has become aggressive and hostile.

What follows is a difficult watch, for both men and women. It’s unpleasant, upsetting, and graphically savage. It paints an ugly picture and shows the unfortunate repercussions of a woman who has been consistently disrespected, disregarded, and mistreated by the men in her life. It goes to some pretty dark places, and Orndoff gives a passionate, raw and unflinching performance.

The short, for being such a low budget affair, looks really good. It’s well shot and well directed, with solid makeup effects. It’s available to watch for free on the Deranged Minds Entertainment YouTube Channel or by clicking on the video below.

These two fearless young filmmakers do not shy away from sensitive material and addressing, head on and with gusto, topics that are likely to stir up controversy. While USED focuses on issues of sexual assault and gender inequality, their first short, SIN, focuses on the dangers of religious extremism. The 7-minute short, which you can check out below, was written by Tristan Clay and directed by Clay and Orndoff (who both star in the film).

The duo are currently working on their first feature film, Red Eye, a slasher due out later this year. And it will certainly be one to watch out for. It’s clear these are two exceptionally talented individuals with a real passion for horror. It’s also clear they are at the start of a very promising career, with the potential to find their place among genre greats.

Watch the trailer for Red Eye below. And you can read our interview with filmmakers Tristan Clay and Destinie Orndoff here.

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