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“Little Sara Lynn thought she was safe in her bed, the storm should have warned her of the dangers ahead.”

its-all-in-your-head-posterThis is the beginning of the clever horror short narration for It’s all in Your Head. Presented as a poem, this fun horror film turns the monster in the closet story completely upside down.

The narration, done by Maureen Jones, was wonderful. Her voice eerie and menacing, but perfect for the story. Written, directed and produced by Greg Jeffs and starring his daughter Addison as Sara Lynn, I see a lot of potential in this film. I could see this as a holiday favorite, maybe opening for the likes of How the Grinch Stole Christmas.


It’s all in Your Head reminded me a little bit of the cartoon classic Monsters Inc; showing us that it depends who we are to determine who monsters will be to us.

I saw this Canadian film at Shriekfest in Los Angeles, but I’m not sure when it will be shown again. I would check on their Facebook page or website to find out more.


Remember: Monsters are not real; they are all in your head…or are they?


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