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It’s Friday the 13th, a day associated with bad luck and superstition. We explore the origins of the date’s notorious reputation (17 min) (12.13.19).

Friday the 13th


Yes, Friday the 13th is more than just a Voorhees family reunion; it’s a day wrought bad luck and for the religious and superstitious. It means a whole lot more than many people think. Its origins date back hundreds upon hundreds of years, and it has had plenty of dark and devastating things have happened on it.

From the ancient Greeks  who had a different take on the 13th, to Italy, who also have an unlucky day, we’ll be exploring the origins and some of the events to have taken place on this day horror fans have claimed as their own.

We’ll also take a little look at the origin of the number 13, and why it’s just so damn unlucky to many cultures around the world. Does it all stem from that mysterious Friday? Or is there more to it? Well, you’ll just have to give the episode a listen to find out more!

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