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This week, in honor of Pride Month, we explore LGBTQ myths and historical figures across many cultures and time periods. (21 min) (6.14.19).




June is pride month. And I wanted to explore this time of inclusion, acceptance, and support by looking at some myths and historical characters that either identified as LGBTQ or were suggested as such before terms and titles were placed upon people based on their sexual orientation.

With that said, I just wanted to throw my support out there to the community. While not being able to identify as a member of the LGBTQ group, I do very much respect those who do. Their courage and the struggles that have been overcome are nothing short of extraordinary. Love who you want, how you want.

As for this cast in particular, I wanted to look into what myths and legends surround the LGBTQ ideology and lifestyle. And I was surprised at how far and deep it went; which is perhaps my own biases and predisposed notions coming out — not something I’m proud of. Nevertheless, that is why we read, learn, and research.

I found out a whole slew of things I didn’t know about, such as the Native American Two-Spiritism, which is how they described having a third gender, or another spirit inhabit their body. People who identified as such weren’t scrutinized, but rather given an important role to play in their society, and was used to give first nations peoples their own term as well, allowing them to keep their heritage and identity.

Furthermore, it seems every culture around the world, dating back to the ancient Greeks and beyond, has their own stories, myths, and legends surrounding what they considered LGBTQ.

In the episode I’ll run down a handful of stories and different cultures. I’m quite excited to share with you what I’ve found. Of course, not every culture or society of the past (or present) is accepting of the idea, but the fact that so many did (and do), is very encouraging.

Sadly, I won’t be able to cover every story or every culture, but this is something I highly encourage you to look up and research on your own.

Happy Pride!

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