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House of Waxwork Issue 2

The Die-Rector returns with more ghoulish tales of the supernatural in the brilliant House of Waxwork, Issue 2 from Waxwork Records.

In 2017, Waxwork Records and its subsidiary label Waxwork Comics dipped into the comic book publishing world with the first issue of House of Waxwork.  The double-feature issue came with a companion vinyl piece that included a theme song and one song tailored for each story.  The end result was a bit of a mixed bag.  The music was great, but one of the stories was a little lacking.  But it was a spot-on love letter homage to the old EC Comics’ Tales From The Crypt and The Vault Of Horror.

I previously gave the issue a positive review, (available here), and I’m now eager to rip into Issue 2.

As in the previous issue, House of Waxwork includes two stories accompanied by a 7” vinyl soundtrack.  After an introduction by our trusty host, The Die-Rector, we dig into our first story, “The Nowhere Wolf” written by Donny Cates with music by legendary White Zombie bass player, Sean Yseult.

Set in a 1940s freak show carnival, a disreputable salesman is called upon to inspect a rare find by the owner of the carnival.  “The Nowhere Wolf” kicks off things in true macabre fashion.  Not only did I thoroughly enjoy the artwork, I loved the story and the twist ending for this fiendish tale.  Sean Yseult’s work here fits in perfectly with the setting of the story, doesn’t distract, and adds a wonderful atmosphere to the reading experience.

After a brief interlude with The Die-Rector, the issue jumps into the second story, “Time Capsule,” written by Rami Sharkey with music by Douglas Pipes (Krampus, Trick ‘R Treat).

In this rotting tale, a nerve agent is unleashed onto an unexpected town turning them into a horrifying and rabid town of zombies.  A fireman and daughter of the local gun shop owner are the only ones not affected by the gas.  Can they survive and find an antidote for the zombie creating agent, or are they food for the townspeople? “Time Capsule” ramps up the classic story of a zombie apocalypse with minimal survivors looking for a way to survive.  The artwork really details the grotesque transformation of the townspeople, and the story keeps you guessing until the very end.

House of Waxwork, Issue 2 is brilliant from start to finish.  The artwork, story, and music all combine to give horror fans a thrilling and immersive reading experience.

The publishers made a change from the first issue adding a pre-story page of art that resembles a movie poster for each story.  These two “posters” are incredibly detailed, and when I first saw them, I immediately wanted them hanging on my wall.

I can’t recommend House of Waxwork enough.  At only $14.95 an issue, it really is like you’re robbing the grave.  The price includes the 32-page comic book, the 7” vinyl soundtrack, and a digital download card so you can listen to this spooky collection of music anywhere you go.

Waxwork Records has announced that they are working on Issue 3, and I for one will be first in line to order it when it becomes available.  I can’t wait to see new stories from this anthology series.

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