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On the Silver Scream Queens podcast, Blayne, Emily, and Stephanie tear into the horror classics, all through an intersectional feminist lens.

Silver Scream Queens has found a new haunted home at Morbidly Beautiful Podcast Network. Best friends Blayne, Emily, and Stephanie dig into horror movie favorites from fresh feminist angles such as — himbos in horror, a dating app for horror moms, and placing horror baddies on the Kinsey Scale.

These three witches are positively oozing excitement in joining Morbidly Beautiful, and are coming for you every other Friday with a new episode. Sweet dreams!



Blayne (she/her) is our HWIC, head witch in charge. She comes from the world of writing, where the pen is far mightier than the sword. It’s rare you’ll find her without a book in hand. She loves her beagle more than life itself and wears black exclusively.


Our podcast mom, Emily (she/her) gives off big “I have snacks in my purse” energy. Emily is chronically fabulous and finds joy in drawing, graphic design, and summoning demons to smash the patriarchy.


Stephanie (she/her) is clearly Elvira incarnate but with way better tattoos. She spends most of her free time shooting people (with her camera) and could design Chip Kidd under the table. Where there’s prosecco, there’s Stephanie.


We all love to watch the bad boys of horror, like Michael Myers and Freddy Krueger, slicing and dicing their way through a sea of innocent victims. Of course, it’s only fun because it’s all pretend. I think we all agree that we prefer to keep the horror on the screen where it belongs. Because meeting — and worse yet, dating — a bad boy in real life is WAY less fun…. though, it’s often a whole lot scarier!

In this juicy tell-all episode, Silver Scream Queen Blayne spills the tea about her exes by assigning them a horror movie villain. Sure, none of these baddies ever actually killed anyone, but that doesn’t make them any less horrifying.

Note: All names have been withheld to protect the innocent… and the not-so innocent. Also, we’re just having fun here. None (well, almost none) of these guys are really bad people.


Let’s get interactive! Follow along with this episode’s presentation right here.


If you’re new to the podcast and want to catch up on some of the killer content you may have missed, below are links to a few of our favorite episodes we think are totally worth diving into.

  • HIMBOS IN HORROR – What’s a himbo? How does one himbo? Where do himbos exist in horror? Stephanie guides us through some examples of the genre’s hottest, not-so-smart leading men.
  • MURDER IS A DRAG RACE – These villains WERK. Steph walks us through the drag personas of horror’s baddest and bougiest. But who will win the lip sync battle?
  • WHERE DO HORROR ICONS FALL ON THE KINSEY SCALE? – In episode one of season 2, we take a look at our favorite horror baddies and ask the question we’ve all been wondering: how gay are they?

Be sure to tune in every other Saturday for new episodes of the SILVER SCREAM QUEENS podcast on the Morbidly Beautiful Network. 

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