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On this episode of “I Spit on Your Podcast”, we explore the terrifying world of alien abductions while discussing “Dark Skies” and “Fire in the Sky”.

Episode 30: The Spinsters Get Abducted!

In this episode, we are discussing something that terrifies both of us: ALIENS and ALIEN ABDUCTION!

We dive into talking not only about our own fears of those beings from outer space but also explore the psychological condition of Astrophobia and why people, in general, fear aliens. We look at research done on the phenomena of alien abduction, as well as the emotional and physical after-effects on people and how the PTSD of their experience affects those around them.

As horror fans and individuals with a general curiosity about aliens, we feel that the best movies that are representative of contact of the fourth kind are the classic Fire in the Sky (1993) based on Travis Walton’s own abduction experience and Dark Skies (2013).

We also invited a special guest, Mysterion the Mentalist, to appear on this episode to not only talk about his experience and knowledge regarding extraterrestrials but to also share his opinions on the existence of extraterrestrial life.

Enjoy and welcome to our dark side…

Fire in the Sky is available to watch for free on Prime or Peacock. Dark Skies is available to watch free on Netflix. 


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Original publication date: December 30, 2020

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