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The Wickedly Talented Ladies of Macabre Merch: Six Questions for the Beauty and Brains Behind the Killer Shop, Finders Creepers

Finders Creepers, run by the lovely and talented Nik, is an eclectic mix of horror art and luxurious handmade bath bombs for the strange at heart. Her bombs are as beautiful as they are indulgent, handmade and inspired by your favorite horror movies and characters. With more than 70 items currently available to purchase — including a huge variety of bombs, as well as soaps, steamers, scrubs, and unique art pieces — the hardest part is deciding what to buy. And, with nearly 600 reviews from extremely satisfied customers, she currently maintains a perfect 5 star score, which tells you a great deal about both the quality of her products and her commitment to customer care.

1. What was the inspiration for starting your own business and how did you get started?

Well, I can’t really say I was suddenly inspired. I had been making a line of bath products for my locally owned gift shop for quite awhile. They were pretty and girly bath bombs, believe it or not! I owned that shop for almost 10 years. I opened my online/Etsy shop Finders Creepers in 2012, at which time I was just selling figures and paintings. About a year ago, I introduced bath bombs, which has become my main area of focus.

2. When and how did you fall in love with horror?

Horror and I go pretty far back! I remember as a kid, my brother and I sneaking out and watching the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. (My parents were up watching it, and I guess they thought we were asleep, ha ha.) My little sister was equally into horror. At 9 years old, she was making two headed bloody snowman and reading RL Stine…so I guess it runs in the family.

3. Where does inspiration for your products come from? What is your creative process like?

My inspiration comes from everywhere! Lots of movies, stories, and pictures I see will give me plans for the bath bombs. Sometimes I’ll pop awake in the middle of the night with an idea and have to write it down so I don’t forget in the morning.

4. What’s the best part about running your own business, and what’s the hardest part?

Having the reins to do your own thing is great, and it’s just amazing that you only have yourself to answer to. Problem is, sometimes I’m a bad boss. For instance, just last week, I asked myself for the weekend off. But I was in no mood for my shenanigans. All joking aside, it’s great. But I also have another part time job as a veterinary assistant, so I’m not fully self employed.

5. Tell me why you think it’s important for people to support small business? Is it especially important for people to support female-owned business (if so, why)?

It’s SO important to support small and locally owned businesses — even more so when they are owned by a female. It’s hard out here for a bitch, Lily Allen was right!

My biggest pet peeve is people randomly asking for free product. I will give to a select few to help boost business if they are willing to review and share honest feedback, but you would be surprised at the sheer amount of requests we get for handouts. Come on! Would you walk into Lush or any other big box store and ask for freebies? Let me know what they say if you do.

Support your girls. Even if you can only afford one thing, it means the world when you buy from us. ?

6. How can people follow/interact with you on social and purchase your products? And is there anything else you’d like to add or promote?

I’m a huge fan of Instagram. If you follow me there, you can see all my weird ideas, snippets of my personal life, dog pics and memes. It’s so fun for me! You can find me @glitterandgorebath, and the link to my Etsy shop Finders Creepers is right there in my bio.

Also I would like to promote our new girl-run project @thesistersofhorror. It’s a subscription box put together by six female-owned small businesses. We met on Instagram, and we absolutely love and support each other in every way.

Sisters of Horror February (Valentine’s Day) Subscription Box


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  1. on February 27, 2018 at 6:25 pm
    Bernadette Fierheller wrote:

    You are one amazing lady you go way beyond for everyone.Wishing you all the best in future endevors

  2. on February 27, 2018 at 7:07 pm
    Carol Nothrop wrote:

    Wonderful products with a weird twist. So talented and an endless imagination. She got this from her mother of course lol


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