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The Wickedly Talented Ladies of Macabre Merch: Six Questions for the Beauty and Brains Behind the Killer Shop, Greywick Lane

Samantha Haley is the incredibly talented, Horror-loving owner of Greywick Lane, an amazing Etsy shop offering a to die for selection of pampering products for horror ghouls. Products include sinfully good, horror-themed candles, wax melts, and body butter. Samantha is also well known for her killer horror ornaments available each year at Christmas. Her shop motto is “On Greywick Lane, everyday is Halloween.”

1. What was the inspiration for starting your own business and how did you get started?

My inspiration was just a love of crafting and art and combining a creative outlet with my passion for all things spooky. I first got started with some ideas I had for horror-themed Christmas candles and ornaments.

2. When and how did you fall in love with horror?

That all began when someone let me watch Return of the Living Dead way too young haha. It was all downhill from there!

3. Where does inspiration for your products come from? What is your creative process like?

I look to all my favorite horror movies and bands for inspiration. I also love to take other holidays and everyday things and see what kind of creepy spin I can put on them. I like to think I can make a horror version of anything and everything! Haha

4. What’s the best part about running your own business, and what’s the hardest part?

The best part is that I meet all kinds of likeminded creepy people from all over the world through my business and have made some great friends. I honestly haven’t found a bad side yet. I love what I do!

5. Tell me why you think it’s important for people to support small business? Is it especially important for people to support female-owned business (if so, why)?

It’s very important to me! A lot of thought and care go into making these items handmade. Plus small businesses usually care about their customers way more than some corporation would. I know I do!

6. How can people follow/interact with you on social and purchase your products? And is there anything else you’d like to add or promote?

Follow me on Instagram @GreywickLane. I have a link to my Etsy shop there, and even if you’re not interested in shopping, follow me anyway! I love to get to know other people who share the horror lifestyle, and I answer all messages. 🙂

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