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The Wickedly Talented Ladies of Macabre Merch: Six Questions for the Beauty and Brains Behind the Killer Shop, Mad Monster Lady

There’s not much I love more in life than a killer piece of horror art. I have a special fondness for art inspired by the great horror classics and the work of masterful monster artists like Basil Gogos. Needless to say, when I discovered the incredibly talented Mad Monster Lady, my  heart skipped a beat. This gifted artist was recently featured in Famous Monsters Magazine after winning an art contest, and it’s easy to see why her work has been so widely praised. She has a remarkable penchant for capturing the beauty of classic monsters from the Golden Age of Horror. We strongly encourage you to purchase one of her extremely affordable prints now before she’s famous — as we guarantee these are soon going to skyrocket in value!

1. What was the inspiration for starting your own business and how did you get started?

I’ve always loved painting, and I wanted to try to get my artwork out to a wider audience. My grandmother and I used to paint when I was very young, so it’s always been apart of my life. I won an art contest for Famous Monsters magazine and was featured in their October 2017 annual issue, which has been great for getting my artwork out to a wider audience.

2. When and how did you fall in love with horror?

I’ve loved horror and monsters ever since I can remember.  My mom introduced me to the great Universal Monsters at a very young age, and I was hooked.  When I was in the second grade, my book report was about Boris Karloff.  Karloff has always been my favorite actor.  I love the humanity he brought to the role of Frankenstein’s monster.  My love for horror wasn’t confined to just the classics, but growing up we’d always watch all the Friday the 13th movies as well.

3. Where does inspiration for your products come from? What is your creative process like?

My inspiration for my art comes from artists like Basil Gogos and James Bama, two greats in the monster art world.  I am drawn to monsters, and always have lists going of what I want to create. I get ideas right before I go to sleep, or sometimes while I’m driving; they just come to me.

4. What’s the best part about running your own business, and what’s the hardest part?

The best part about running my own business is that I can do things on my own terms. The hardest part is putting too much pressure on myself, because I always want to do the very best for my customers.

5. Tell me why you think it’s important for people to support small business? Is it especially important for people to support female-owned business (if so, why)?

Small business owners put their heart and souls into their work and they take a chance. It’s still hard for some female-owned businesses to break through. As a woman in the horror business, I believe it is harder to sell my work than it would be for a male.

6. How can people follow/interact with you on social and purchase your products? And is there anything else you’d like to add or promote?

I am on Instagram and Facebook, under: @madmonsterlady/ Mad Monster Lady. My products can be purchased through my Etsy shop at: Mad Monster Lady. I have a lot of original paintings for sale at Local Boogeyman’s House of Horror located in L.A., run by @greatwhitegrizzly on Instagram.

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