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Welcome to Malvolia’s Annual Halloween Party! A night full of thrills, chills, challenges, and terror await you with YouTube’s favorite horror host.

Malvolia: Queen of Screams, the YouTube host and alter-ego of horror actress Jennifer Nangle, invites you to her super secret Halloween Party. But don’t get too excited. You don’t know what you’re in for!

This year, Malvolia has secured an abandoned hospital to hold her Halloween Party. For five unlucky guests, this may be the last place they ever see, as Malvolia has plenty in store for them.

Malvolia wants to play a game, very much like Jigsaw, and these ill-fated party goers are her pawn.

They are given choices, but these types of choices are very hard to make, as not only is their lives in their hands, but also the other pieces of this game, human pieces. How far will they go to save the life of someone else? How far would you go?

Written by Jennifer Nangle, directed by Richard Trejo, and shot by Paul Stephen Edwards, Malvolia’s Halloween Special is 25 minutes of quirky, over-the-top fun. It has its fair share of blood and laughs, mixed with witty one-liners and a spooky score also by Trejo. A Queen Scream and LA Horror production, this special will surely satiate your Halloween appetite.

Craving more Malvolia? Be sure to check her out on YouTube, and coming soon to Morbidly Beautiful.

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