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We continue our exploration of horror superiority and plunge deeper into uncovering who would reign supreme in an ultimate battle royale of evil.

When evil meets it’s doppelgänger, who or what will be left standing atop the bloody corpses as the unequivocal king of the dark side?

In Part 1 of our Halloween special, we talked about what would constitute the superior evil being and began by browsing through the slasher category, eventually landing on one of our most infamous and beloved depictions of ultimate evil. At the halfway mark or our conversation, we landed on Michael Myers as our number one supreme evil villain of all-time.

However, in Part 2 we are going to take our discussion further — taking our bloodthirsty blades and thrusting them furiously into the heart of pure evil, extracting the warm contents.

So, without further delay, let’s dive into the pool of rotting limbs and torsos and see what we shall discover. We’ll sort through all the bodily fluids and filth and unearth the top flesh-craving appetites of our hungriest creatures and serials killers.

Will it be Darth Vader? Or perhaps John Carpenter’s The Thing? Or could evil the likes of Dracula or the Blob, or even that of Pinhead stake claim as the ultimate supreme evil of all-time?

As stated in Part 1 of our Halloween special, we believed that the mutation of a demonic presence with that of a human vessel (or infinite good archetype), leads to the ultimate evil being. But first, let’s discuss those such as Dracula, Wolfman, the Mummy and everyone’s timely favorite, Frankenstein. Do the OG Monsters stand a chance versus the new age expansive evil of recent?

The Mummy is essentially a bandage corpse, and should fairly easy to defeat, as the majority of the time a curse is involved. And, with a just a few steps, down goes the Mummy. The brute creature made of stitched together body parts, Frankenstein, might have exceptional strength, but wouldn’t be anything a few well placed projectiles couldn’t take care of.

Dracula on the other hand, would be tough, yet still nothing some research and strategy couldn’t defeat. When it comes to the Wolfman, contrary to popular belief, a silver bullet is actually not the only way to stop the savage beast. In fact, you can take care of a werewolf by any means possible. The silver bullet angle only bloomed after cinema entered our culture.

Therefore, we believe Michael Myers wouldn’t break a sweat dismembering the OG Monsters from the old days.

Which brings us to Pinhead, aka the gatekeeper of hell. While Pinhead mans the gates to the underworld, it’s been stated that hell wouldn’t even have Myers. Although the cenobites did pursue The Boogeyman via the storyline from the comics.

So what about Darth Vader? Surely the leader of the Dark Side should be at the top of the list, right? Well, in our opinions, Vader, force and all, would probably be able to take down our beloved Michael Myers with the use of the force. But then who could defeat the Dark Sith Lord? Well, how about something such as the unkillable eating machine, the Blob, for starters.

Upon further deliberation, it was speculated that an unknown evil, or extraterrestrial evil for this instance, would be potentially and substantially leagues above that of a human/demon hybrid.

And, while it is debatable that an evil alien entity such as the Blob could potentially rise above Vader, he should still prove no match against John Carpenter’s the Thing. The ability of the unknown extraterrestrial to adapt and blend in with its surrounding scenery puts it at the top of the food chain!

But is that all there is? Or could there possibly be something more vile and despicable than the shape shifter from outer space?

Yes, we believe there is yet a grander evil even still. And that would be Cthulhu.

However, even further still do we plunge, taking us past the god from the dark watery depths below, to the infamous, and always revered, Man in Black. The man from the Dark Tower who plays amongst the beams, resides above all else. Well, all but one that is.

This brings us to our final conclusion on part 2 of our Halloween special, and who we believe deserves the moniker of the ultimate supreme evil villain of all time.

That would be none other than the one and only infamous red-nosed, white-faced dancing clown: Stephen King’s nightmare inducing Pennywise. You see, while both the Man in Black and Pennywise are part of the all encompassing evil known simply as Legion, Pennywise is part alien and part demonic presence, while the Man in Black is half human and half demonic presence.

Yet, it has to be noted that Pennywise only takes the number one spot because he has no direction or intentions, other than to torture and kill. The Man in Black is arguably number one because, even though he is the lower of the two (half man and half demon, and not the more powerful combination of half alien half demon), he would have an agenda. Whereas, Pennywise would have no agenda whatsoever.

And thus concludes part 2 of our special two part Halloween edition of Monster’s Toy Box. We hope you had as much fun as we did dissecting this topic, and we’re looking forward to hearing your beliefs of who you consider the ultimate supreme evil of all time. 

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

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