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Monday Metal Massacre: The Anchor’s “West Archer” (Official Video) 

In the finest tradition of horror, many Death and Black Metal music videos tell and show us the dark side of humanity along with the madness and horror that lurks in the darkness. Every Monday, the Dedman will bring you yet another video to showcase the talents of those that screech and scream about the things that lurk in deeper recesses of our souls! Today’s featured band is The Anchor, and the song is “West Archer” from the album “A World Ahead” (2016).

Released: December 2, 2016
Genre: Melodic Metalcore
Length: 36:59
Label: Independent

The Anchor

“West Archer” by The Anchor (Lyrics)

I don’t know why I just needed to hear your voice.
Something called me, to hear you say one last time.
One last time.  I’m so happy that I did.

The blank page you gave me, possibilities no boundaries.
To fill in broken lines and create new ones to explore.

A bushel and a peck (A second chance)
A hug around the neck (Where I feel okay)

Your eyes are filled with love,
not with aesthetics.
Decency was good enough.
You wouldn’t let the disease cloud your spirit.
You wrapped your pain away so no one would hear it.
You took the weight on your shoulders,
and still gave me all that you could.

A bushel and a peck (A second chance)
A hug around the neck (I know I’m safe)
The place to be my own (A clean slate)
Where I know I’m safe (Where I know I’m safe)

I’m alive because of you.
I’m alive because of you

Plans have changed but I know that you’re proud of me. 

A bushel and a peck (If I could see you one more time)
A hug around the neck (I would thank you for saving my life)
The place to be my own (If could see you one last time)
Where I know I’m safe (You Inspired me to follow my heart)

I get it now.
This is what you wanted.
Because of you I am alive.
I’m alive. I understand it now.

The Anchor


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