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Gather around the campfire for a night of madness, murder and mayhem as we take a look at the horrific, well written novella “Four” from Blakey-Novis.

In this month’s Toy Box, we’ve rummaged around and dug up something super cool that we’re absolutely thrilled to introduce you to. We’ll be discussing the frightening and twisted novella Four, written by independent horror author and publisher P.J. Blakey-Novis (Embrace the Darkness, Tunnels, The Artist).

Four is an interweaving tale of four friends who decide to take a camping trip together and enjoy all that the outdoors has to offer. The smells, terrain, sleeping under the stars, booze, and of course, the campfire. And what campfire is complete without someone telling a scary story or two – or four?

P.J. Blakey-Novis

This is a very interesting read and definitely worth the trip.

It’s like reading four short stories in one. The tales they tell around the fire are each very different and not the usual bag of bones. You’re nearly thrown off the course, as you round the corner and gun it for home. The ending is pretty shocking and totally unexpected.

The way things are going as of late, with the current state of affairs, political awareness and social consciousness, a tale like Four is something that really bleeds the jugular. It carries a ton of hidden dark undertones and is virtually a time capsule of carnage. It touches on vital issues and takes a deep dive into the subconscious.

There were only a few areas which could have used a little sprucing up. The transitions from one story to the next were a tad rough. There was some lighthearted teasing between characters. However, it felt like there were some missed opportunities for additional humor. Elaborating further between each tale, could have really stoked the fire, so to speak.

Four is a lesson in the fallible nature of humans and life in general.

It eats away at the moral code and teaches you that someone is always watching. Do the best you can everyday and just be an all-around good person. It’s a truly unnerving tale and will pick at your consciousness.

Good cannot exist without evil. In everyday interactions and encounters, people do things they think are right. However, those actions can be the reverse without the person even realizing it. Those who commit heinous crimes don’t usually think that what they’re doing is wrong. They believe they are normal, because in their world, they are.

True friends are hard to come by. You can be with someone around the clock, yet never really know who they are. Trust is easily broken, and those you once thought had your back can flip and turn on you at the drop of a hat. Your best friend can quickly become someone you hardly even recognize, or worse. Which is one seriously frightening thought.

If you’re looking for some swift and scary late night fun, Four will definitely hit the spot.

It’ll filet your spine and leave you wanting another taste. It’s truly frightening and is guaranteed to have you looking at things from a different angle. Blakey-Novis has really done a fine job with this one, so make sure to pick up your copy today.

Click here to pick up your copy today in paperback or Kindle edition. 

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