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Best known for its extreme horror and shocking ending, the lasting impact of “High Tension” goes far beyond its surface style.

High Tension

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High Tension is a French horror movie released in 2003 and directed by Alexandre Aja, better known for Hills Have Eyes.

The 2003 French horror grindhouse hit is remembered by many for its surprising twist ending. The film follows two college friends, Marie and Alex, played, who go on a weekend getaway to Alex’s family’s secluded farmhouse. However, their peaceful trip turns into a nightmare when a mysterious killer begins to stalk and terrorize them.

At first glance, High Tension may seem like just another slasher film, but upon closer inspection, it is much more than that. The movie delivers a powerful message about the dangers of repressed emotions and the consequences of bottling up one’s true feelings.

Throughout the film, we see Marie struggling with her feelings towards Alex, who she has been secretly in love with for years. She has never had the courage to tell her, and as a result, she has been living with intense internal tension. This tension is only heightened when the killer begins to target Alex, causing Marie’s suppressed emotions to erupt violently and horrifyingly.

As the movie progresses, we see Marie’s desperation to protect Alex and her willingness to do anything to keep her safe.

It is a powerful portrayal of the destructive nature of repressed emotions and the lengths we will go when we are pushed to our breaking point.

Aside from the message, High Tension is also a well-crafted horror movie.

The suspense and tension build up gradually, and the killer’s identity is kept a mystery until the end, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats. The gore and violence are excessive, but it only makes the movie unsettling and disturbing, which is what I like.

The performances by the lead actresses, Cécile de France as Marie and Maïwenn Le Besco, are exceptional. They effectively convey the fear, desperation, and love between the two friends, making their characters feel real and relatable.

One of the most impressive aspects of High Tension is the direction by Alexandre Aja. He creates a claustrophobic and intense atmosphere, making the audience feel trapped alongside the characters. The use of lighting, sound, and camera angles all add to the overall tension and unease of the film.

The movie concludes with a surprising twist that calls into question everything the audience has witnessed.

However, upon closer scrutiny, some still think the twist fails to withstand any accurate analysis.

This twist still divides the audience into two camps to this day, and it’s either a stroke of genius or an embarrassing failure that insults its audience’s intelligence, depending on who you ask.

High Tension is not just a typical horror movie. It is a thought-provoking and impactful film that delivers a powerful message about the dangers of repressed emotions.

Its well-executed suspense, strong performances, and expert direction make it a must-watch for horror fans and anyone looking for a movie with a deeper message.

Overall Rating (Out of 5 Butterflies): 3

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