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This week on the podcast, Candace and Ariel are joined by a very special guest to prove what they already knew — the suburbs are terrifying!


Hang out in the scary suburbs with us this episode!

Pod Mortem co-host Travis Hunter asked us to pick a formative horror movie to go with his, and we ended up with a heavy hitter double feature for the books. First off we’ve got simplicity, style, and one of the greatest final girl/movie monster face-offs of all time in Travis’ kindergarten(!) favorite, John Carpenter’s Halloween (1978), followed by whimsical-yet-terrifying classic Poltergeist (1982), which Candace and Ariel can both call early nightmare fuel.

Stick around for discussion of iconic soundtracks, normie stoners, ghost ASMR, dads losing their absolute shit, Candace’s sick Poltergeist shirt (sorry, it’s no longer available), and Ariel’s favorite game: Spielberg or Hooper. We will also find out what Roger Ebert thought of these titans of the genre, since we are sure you’re dying to know.

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About our guest:

Travis Hunter is the co-host/producer/editor of the weekly horror podcast Pod Mortem (@thepodmortem). He is also a singer/songwriter and award-winning writer with a degree in mass media/journalism. Follow him everywhere @travismwh.

And please check out Pod Mortem here.

Movies discussed:

  • Halloween (1978)
  • Poltergeist (1982)
We made a reference to Satanic Panic as our last episode; you’re not crazy, we tweaked our schedule since we recorded this episode.


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