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Our special Pride month episode features a discussion about “Bit” — plus a special bonus interview with writer/director Brad Michael Elmore.


In this very special episode (original airdate: June 30, 2021), we are celebrating PRIDE with a discussion around the severely underrated queer vampire film BIT (2019), written and directed by Brad Michael Elmore ( please also listen to our interview with the man himself, out on all podcasting apps now! ).

The themes we will be discussing are positive (and negative) queer and trans representation in horror, the division between Second and Third Wave feminists, and the gender politics of vampire hunters.

Historically, film (and especially horror) has not been kind to the LGTBQ community. With the ‘Bury Your Gays’ tropes, and mental illness causing “cross-dressing” serial killers, we have been desperate for some solid representation and complex characters for these marginalized people. We finally have it in Laurel, Duke, and the V-Squad!

Through looking at the “Waves” of feminism, we can see the stark divide between our main vampires, Duke and Laurel. While Duke is the bold and rebellious, punk rock Third Wave feminist, Laurel is the new generation that envisions a world where *everyone* is a vampire.

Lastly, our Van Helsings (aka vampire hunters) have long been portrayed by straight, white men; why is that? This important aspect of vampire lore is discussed, and perhaps a revelation occurs as to why this is almost always the case.

Bit shows us these archetypes, and more, which is why we strongly believe that Bit is a cult classic in the making!

We also have special guest spots by the Colangelo wives, BJ and Harmony, of the podcast This Ends at Prom talking about what they love and appreciate about the film Bit.

Enjoy, and welcome to our dark side…

Production Notes
Intro Music: Robeast by Dance with the Dead; Artwork by: Jess Hrycyk; Editing work by Jessica; Research Resources can be found at


Original podcast artwork by Brandon Mercer

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