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We dive into aquatic horror — from the depths of a horror classic, to the shallow waters of memorable 90’s camp, to a recent watery nightmare.


Come on in, the water’s fine! Not sure about the creatures lurking beneath it, though…

“This is Not Your Final Girl, and we’re just three ladies talking about sharks!”

In honor of SHARK WEEK on Discovery (August 9-August 16, 2020), join us for a discussion on aquatic horror through the decades. Before we say goodbye to Summer, we go out with a splash and discuss some of the most iconic genre films that tap into fears of open water and the terror of what may be lurking underneath the surface that you can’t see.

Ariel confesses she’s a shark girl from way back, and Gaby and Candace talk about having never seen Jaws until this episode — and how much our viewing of the film was shaped by the current climate, making this 45-year-old-film feel like “Covid-19 The Movie”. We compare sharks to dinosaurs, discuss portraits of masculinity and 90’s misogyny, and explore the dangers of capitalism. Most importantly, we have a damn good time and hope you will, too!

Movies discussed:

  • Jaws (1975)
  • Deep Blue Sea (1999)
  • Crawl (2019)


Not Your Final Girl is a podcast hosted by three women (Gaby Castellanos, Ariel Dyer, and Candace Sluder) just trying to make it to the end of the movie. Join us bi-weekly for deep dives into horror with a fresh take on the genre we love!

The original music/theme song for the show was done by Ariel Dyer, Our main show logo/artwork was created by Gabrielle Steiger (@rabbitfoods on Instagram), and our vampire girl artwork was created by Brian Demarest (@evilflynn on Instagram). 

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