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Mystery lovers and true crime fans, join us as we explore every Toronto hockey fan’s worst nightmare: Matthew Hoffman, The Leaf Killer.

Yes, you read that wordy title right.

In late 2010, a man by the name of Matthew Hoffman entered the home of the Herrmanns, killed Tina (Mom), Kody (Son), and Stephanie (mom’s friend), dismembered them, and stashed them away. On top of that, he kidnapped 13-year-old Sarah and kept her captive for four long days. He did unspeakable things to poor Sarah, who, when found, was just worried about her school attendance.

Hoffman was dubbed the leaf killer not just because he was a professional tree trimmer but more so due to the fact his home was filled floor to ceiling with leaves. Just thousands and thousands of leaves.

Learn more about this strange guy and his heinous crimes in the episode.


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