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“Sorceress” is an unwatchable slog made during the late night ‘Skinemax’ era of low-budget, direct-to-video horror.

A Witch’s magic is used to influence her husband’s career. Let’s dig into 1995’s SORCERESS, directed by Jim Wynorski!

As I See It

It’s the three-way lesbian sex scene that is always talked about when this film is brought up. It was reported to be as enjoyable to shoot as it had been for the crew and audience to watch. And for that, it’s hard to hate. But that doesn’t make a movie, does it?

The movie plays out like a Skinemax film with pitter-patter filling in the joints between sultry, exaggerated sex scenes filled with silicone — while the lead wears jeans, inexplicably.

It is surprisingly unwatchable for a film that features Linda Blair (who had arguably plateaued early) and the brilliant Michael Parks. Neither of them deserved this on the resume.

Produced by schlock master Fred Olen Ray, there is a focus on what I guess can be considered witchcraft. It seems to be researched from nothing more than department store knick-knacks and vapid children’s books. There is some attention paid to set dressing, but not in the old-school Hammer horror type of way where it looked like every production had access to an ancient castle.

No wonder no one has picked this up to stream yet.

Famous Faces

Linda Blair (Amelia) reached Scream Queens status at the young age of thirteen with a grand slam horror film that will endure for as long as it can be watched and analyzed. How do you follow up The Exorcist?

Michael Parks (Stan) worked steadily before becoming a favorite to be cast by Quentin Tarantino and subsequently Kevin Smith. His praise is deserved.

Of Gratuitous Nature

The film is sex scene after sex scene after fantasy sex scene. It would be hard to choose which was the most gratuitous. But just like you can sometimes tell what the seed for the whole idea of a movie may have been, I believe the infamous three-way girl-girl-girl sex scene is what birthed this film, or at least sold it to some producers and financiers.


There is something to be said when seventy-five percent of the cast is naked seventy-five percent of the film… and you don’t find yourself intrigued.

Ripe for a Remake

There is no story.


There was a sequel, Sorceress II – The Temptress, which also starred Julie Strain, though she played a different character.

Where to Watch

Synapse Films released an Unedited Director Approved Edition.

Overall Rating (Out of 5 Butterflies): 0.5

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