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Natalie Wood

Mystery lovers and true crime fans, join us as we explore the unexplained death of a Hollywood legend, Natalie Wood, and review new evidence.

Back in 1981, an incredibly talented actress supposedly fell overboard and drowned by complete accident. That is if you believe the original reports on Natalie Wood. However, if you believe the updates from around 2011 and beyond, the actress’s death was no mere accident.

Married to Robert Wagner and on a boat with Christopher Walken, Wood apparently got into an argument with her husband before everything went silent. This is according to the boat captain. He went to check on the couple when he discovered that Natalie was nowhere to be seen, and only a calm Wagner in his cabin, who said that Natalie took the dingy and fled the boat.

Other reports from a nearby boat say they heard a woman calling for help for about half an hour before the cries ceased.

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