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This week on the podcast, Chaos & Carnage get a lesson in terrifying filmmaking — and not the good kind — with a look at “Urban Legends: Final Cut”.

Legends never die, but some sequels should. 


This movie is like what it would be when Chaos and Carnage finally make their very own horror movie; bad effects and a lot of unintended deaths. And getting one of the lowest tomato ratings on Rotten Tomatoes.  

If you are a new listener to the PaNcast, be aware there are spoilers and expletives ahead! We break down the movie, go through a summary, offer analysis, trivia, arbitrary awards, reviews, ratings, fanfiction and more!

Film students decide urban legends make good premises for film. Art imitates life and things go awry. – Carnage’s Five Second Summary

We delve deeply into a school of film where snuff films is a major you can take. As the students finish their thesis..thesises….thesi…whatever. As they finish their final projects, things go horribly bad. Like two thumbs down bad. Even the one that was supposedly SO amazing to be a Hollywood film is bad.

Carnage is saddened by this film because of the urban legends in this one. She cried during part of it because it was that bad. If you are a fan of urban legends, then this film will make you cry sad tears; it is that bad. Or, if you love Carnage and Chaos, go watch this film so you can cry with them.

Oh god, they made a third?? NOOOOOOO!

Go check out Urban Legends: Final Cut if you care about being spoiled like a lot of corn syrup that has been dyed red and then left out in the sun for weeks. Then make sure to check out this week’s episode for the down low with your favorite podcast hosts.

Urban Legends: Final Cut is streaming on Tubi, Showtime, Fubo, Directv or via the Amazon Shudder add on. 


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